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Mashrek Receives WAoS AFEC Accredition

Within our quest to provide the best practices to maximize each student’s potential and to boost flexibility of the learning environment for our athletes within international standards, on Wednesday the 28th of April, Mashrek hosted a team of two previous Olympic athletes from the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) as we were undergoing an accreditation process to obtain the accreditation of Athlete Friendly Education Centre (AFEC). We are very pleased to announce that the result of the visit was very positive and our school will receive the AFEC Accreditation.

Becoming a WAoS AFEC accredited school is of great benefit to our student athletes and yet another one of Mashrek International School's continuousdevelopments and improvements that is envisioned to achieve our mission and vision as well as maximizing each student’s potential. On this occasion, we would like to share with you part of the overall summary report of our school’s visit as received from the team of assessors as it reflected the value of sports within our community:

  • Mashrek International School demonstrates the value of having sport at the heart of the school, not merely as an add-on. Through meticulous planning and truly individualised support, the school aim to develop the “best model for education in Jordan."  
  • Sport is central to life at Mashrek International School and pupil achievement is celebrated. Trophies are displayed in the school foyer, but sport is not only about winning at Mashrek, everybody is encouraged and supported to do their best – as part of the Tigers programme in music and drama. One student athlete told us that his biggest achievement was “being recognised by the school – not due to his sporting accolades but for his participation across a broad range of activities.” 

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