Who We Are

As Managing Director of Izzat Marji Group since 1995, Eng. Basil Marji brings to the table over 25 years of in-depth industry experience in the areas of engineering and project management. Driven by an ambitious vision and exceptional leadership skills, Eng. Marji oversaw the transformation of Izzat Marji Group from a modest family business into one of Jordan’s leading suppliers of heating & cooling systems, sanitary supplies, EE solutions, fixing systems and power tools and fire fighting systems. Under his current capacity, Eng. Marji is responsible for spearheading and managing Izzat Marji Group’s diverse operations and growing human resources, as well as devising local and regional expansion strategies, subsequently ensuring that the company maintains its pioneering market standing. 

Prior to assuming his current position as Managing Director of Izzat Marji Group, Eng. Marji worked with the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) for about 10 years, gaining vast industry experience and insight into the public sector and some of GAM’s key projects in Amman.

As part of his ongoing support to Jordan’s youth, human resources and overall community, Eng. Marji became the Vice Chairman of INJAZ Board of Directors, amember of the Board of Directors at Caritas Jordan,a member of the Board of Directors of Jordan International Chamber of Commerce,a member of the Board of Trustees of Israa University, amember of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ammanand amember of Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA).Furthermore, Eng. Marji joined Jeeran’s Entrepreneurship Program where he provided valuable mentorship and advice to an emerging startup in Palestine. His firm belief in the importance of actively contributing to various CSR programs and organizations across different sectors prompted him to become a member of several other NGOs including EDAMA, Jordan Green Building Council, Amman Lions Club and Rotary Club of Amman, among many others.

Eng. Marji graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK in 1983 and later attained a Master’s Degree in Enterprise Management from Durham University in the United Kingdom in 2009.