Who We Are

Bassam Malhas cofounded Mashrek International School in 1992 and since then he assumed the position of Director General till 2014. He is also Chairman of the Board. Bassam led the transitional phase that moved the school from the previous location to the current larger campus. He oversees the financial and administrative strategies of the school.

Prior to Mashrek, Bassam worked in the Research Department at the Jordan Institute for Social Work and became a lecturer there for several years. He was later appointed Deputy Director of the Institute and afterwards as the Director.

Throughout his 50 years of experience, Bassam attended many conferences, workshops and seminars in Tokyo, Athens, Egypt, Britain, Italy, India, Iraq and Malaysia, some of which included the annual NESA conferences.

Bassam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Social Science from the University of Damascus, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ain Shams University in Cairo and a Master’s Degree in Social Services from the University of California in Fresno.